Millions of people throughout the world have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, and millions of people among them have been prescribed a class of drugs called statins. These drugs could be considered miracle drugs because they have the ability to lower your cholesterol by up to 45% and most people tolerate the drugs quite well without any serious side effects.

However, there are some people that experience very serious, and possibly lethal side effects, from the use of these kinds of drugs, and in addition to that there are those that would rather lower their cholesterol naturally without the use of any drugs of any kind.

If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol it is very important that you take all the steps necessary to bring your cholesterol under control, or risk heart attack, stroke, and atheroma. Atheroma, being the narrowing of your arteries from an overabundance of plaque, due to high cholesterol. So obviously high cholesterol is a problem that cannot easily be ignored, that could prove dangerous to your health if left unhandled.

The first simple but great way to help lower your cholesterol is exercise. It’s actually the best drug nature has provided to better your health. When you exercise, your liver makes more of the good kind of cholesterol and eliminates some of the bad. Exercise has nothing but good side effects, from a better mood, to better health, and everything in between.

The second easy way to naturally lower your cholesterol is to follow a low cholesterol diet . Eat for example large quantities of soluble fiber. This is the kind of fiber that comes in beans, whole grains, and nuts. Soluble fiber helps bind to the cholesterol and then remove it from your system. Soluble fiber is healthy for your body in many other ways as well.

So as you can see there are two, totally natural ways, to reduce the cholesterol in your body. And each of these ways is healthy for you and your body in many more ways than just controlling cholesterol. A diet high in natural soluble fiber, +30 minutes of exercise every day, and you’ll be able to lower your cholesterol better than any prescribed drug.