If you are trying to diet, yogurt may be one of your new best friends. The health benefits of yogurt are great. Most brands offer high protein values, vitamins and minerals, and probiotics to assist digestion. Yogurt can be used as a healthy cooking substitute in many of your favorite recipes. Whether you eat it on its own or in a dish, yogurt can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Traditional yogurt comes in many flavors from chocolate cherry to honey. Yogurt is a great snack for the dieter. If you really want to save yourself some calories (and money), buy plain unflavored yogurt. You can add your own flavors to it as you wish. Some mix-in options include nuts, fresh fruit, preserves, spices, and coconut. If you chose to buy the pre-flavored brands, you are still making a wiser decision than their alternatives. My personal favorite snack option is to eat a key lime pie yogurt with a graham cracker. I get the great tastes of my favorite pie without all of the calories and sugar!


Greek yogurt has recently gained popularity. It tastes a little more ‘sour’ than traditional yogurt, but it is also thicker and creamier. It comes in many of the same flavors as traditional yogurt so you can snack on it easily. The best thing about Greek yogurt is that it can be used as a cooking substitute. It can replace really fattening things like sour cream, oil, and mayonnaise.

Frozen yogurt is a very tasty, less fattening, ice cream substitute. It comes in all of the same forms as ice cream also: cups, bars, tubs, and soft serve frozen yogurt are all available. You don’t have to buy frozen yogurt from the ice cream freezer; pick your favorite yogurt and just toss it in the freezer! I do this when I have too much yogurt in the fridge that is nearing its expiration date. Just before the expiration date I will toss it in the freezer to extend the shelf life and have a frozen treat later.

frozen yogurt_01

The possibilities for yogurt are endless. It makes a great fruit dip, dessert, or addition to a meal. The flavors available are also unlimited, you can create your own or buy many variations. The best thing about yogurt, however, is that the benefits to eating the dairy treat are also endless. From adding calcium to your diet to aiding digestion, yogurt is a powerful ally to your diet!